The Hunter English Language School

Learn your specialised English in the place where it evolved. Total Immersion the best way to learn!

Located close to East Midlands Airport - a major international passenger and freight hub, in the centre of the United  Kingdom. EMA has a very good budget airlines presence so travel should not be a problem.

We are now offering its services to the worldwide Non-English speaking aviation community. Level 4 English or better  is  something we should all strive for. Rubber stamping of this qualification into peoples licences is only an incident  waiting  to happen.

ICAO rules are that everyone involved in International Aviation must be able to speak English to at Least Level 4 if  they  wish to continue in their chosen profession. We can help you obtain that certificate. The language school was  founded by  Beverley Hunter at the beginning of July 2009 and is currently preparing the courses that you will follow.  An essential part  of the course will be the aviation English which will be taught by aviation professionals not English  teachers who have  been trained to say the right buzz words.

English will be taught by CELTA or Trinity certificated teachers all of whom will be UK native English speakers,  headed up  by Beverley Hunter an English Graduate and Teacher for over 20 years. Dave Hunter a commercial pilot  heads up the  aviation side.

You will learn English in a total British-English speaking environment and progress to using aviation English in the  way it  is used in UK and Europe. There will be an American presence not only to let you hear the differences between  how its is  spoken on the other side of the pond but also to prepare you for the machine-gun speed of the US air  traffic controllers which can take even a native English speaker by surprise the first time.

We also offer Military English Courses to NATO Levels 3-5 the same detail will also be observed with English teachers working in conjunction with ex UK Military Personnel.

Students will be able to partake of weekend excursions to places of interest and various events like go-karting etc.

We also offer short break holiday courses as a starter or refresher course. These are combined lessons and excursions to places of interest. Please indicate on your e-mail the course or holiday courses you are interested in.

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